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Hunt #10 - August 11th, 2000

The Filming of "Scariest Places on Earth"
Leeds Point, NJ
Laura K. Leuter, Mike McLeer, Shawn Vogel

Here it is, the long-awaited explanation of what exactly took place during the TWO days that we filmed Scariest Places on Earth. You may be disappointed with Fox's claims versus the truth...

We started out at Shawn's house, awaiting their arrival. They were late. One guy was continuously getting lost... They finally got there, broke out all of their equipment, had us sign away our lives, personalities, and all events within the next two days, and we started filming. First we shot the stupid scenes - the cars pulling in, the equipment checks (which I was highly disappointed in - we showed them all our cool toys, and they really didn't check out any of them). We shot the scenes at the computer in Shawn's room. Then we got in our cars and headed down to Leeds Point.

Upon our arrival, they had already set up our meeting with Harry Leeds, former mayor and councilman of Leeds Point. He had his little military jeep with a symbol on the side meaning "no bullsh*t". It was cool. Harry constantly flirted with me and any other female in the area during the next two days. Harry talked with us a little but we weren't allowed to ask him all the really good questions at that point - they wanted to save it for the night.

We had dinner (on Fox) at the Smithville Inn that night. They were really cool with us - we got to eat in the reserved "Leeds Room" and got free wine on the house. The food was awesome! We did a little research, found out some cool stuff.

Then Harry took us to the dreaded road. I don't know what the significance of that road was, since it was out in the middle of nowhere and nothing has ever really been reported to have taken place out there. This is where the scenes of us running and such were taken from. We got all geared up, walked around for a while, and realized that if something was out there, it could have complete surprise tactics over us since the damn film crew was walking so LOUD that we couldn't hear ourselves thinking. At one point, we turned around. There appeared to be two glowing orbs way off in the distance, at the point from which we had come. We were a little baffled by it at first, and we started to check it out. We couldn't get it on the camera, and the film crew was of course playing it up like it was the best thing in the world. Finally, I had a bright idea - I knelt down and said "I'll put a stop to this" and reached into my bag, producing the night vision goggles. Through the goggles, I discovered that the light we were seeing was produced from a reflection off the headlights of Harry's jeep. False alarm. Of course, the film crew cut that part out.

Next thing: the director wanted us to break a well known rule of Devil Hunting and asked me if I would walk ahead and he could get some shots of just me going down the trail. Now, keep in mind that we are walking in the OPPOSITE direction from where the jeep is - but the video makes it appear as though I'm walking towards it. We walked ahead for a bit, I maintained radio contact with the rest of the group. I thought they were trying to set me up, maybe have a guy hiding out there to jump at me. It was a good thing they didn't, because my instincts would have taken over and I would have whacked him over the head with a maglight, regardless of who it was. So that time was wasted, with the director occasionally going, "What was that?" and pointing in a direction so that I would check it out. Every once in a while I heard something, but nothing significant. Pretty dull.

Then, the radio crackled and Mike and Shawn radioed over to me, telling me they had found a carcass and wanted me to come check it out ASAP. So what did I do? I made the biggest mistake of filming. I ran towards the group, with the director filming and following. There's the infamous running scene. The carcass we discovered was shown out of sequence in the video.

The carcass was pretty cool - we had several portions of the body. We couldn't determine whether or not the creature had been broken apart before or after its demise. And sadly, the crew didn't give us much time to check it out - we were on a tight schedule, and had to leave.

Of course, before we left, they tried to stump us with fake tracks, which we picked up on instantly. The tracks in the video appeared to be made by a creature that would have had two of the same feet! Neither print resembled anything real, either. And as any Jersey Devil buff knows, the prints are usually hoof-like. This one looked like someone's hand with a few random fingers here and there. The production assistant later told us that Harry had been in charge of creating them for us. (If you remember, you can hear me say "What the hell is that?" on the video because the prints were so absurd.)

We finally left the dark trail and headed to the campfire scene. This was our big interview with Harry, where we got most of our information from him. Needless to say, he has some conflicting theories and views from us, but he's entitled to it. Especially being a Leeds... We spent a few hours out there, and packed up at about 2 or 3am. I then went to go help out a friend in need, and Mike and I wound up getting suspended the next day at work for oversleeping through a job... oops. We hated that job anyway.

We continued the filming into the next day. Unfortunately, it was miserably rainy all day long. We got a few interviews done with some sighting witnesses and then once again had some lunch. Then we got to go up on a fire truck lift - 110 feet in the air - while they filmed the overhead shots of the Mullica. We got some awesome shots too! Shawn, our resident firefighter, was in his glory. Mike was a little freaked, especially since there was lightning (his phobia).

After that, we spent the rest of the night sitting around waiting for the rain to stop. It was pouring. The director called Fox to ask them if we could reschedule, and they basically said that they can't leave until the scenes were shot. So we went to JD's Pub, and had the director buy us drinks while we chitchatted with the flirting Harry Leeds (who at one point had two young blondes hanging on him - what's up with that?!).

Finally, at about 11pm, the director said rain or no rain, we have to shoot the last scenes. So out we went, in the pouring rain, off to visit the foundation of the house. We were drenched! It was cool though. We finished up our scenes, and then it was done. Several handshakes ensued.

Several months later, we received a message from Josh Kessler, the producer, stating that some things were "changed". I never got to call him back and find out what that meant. I guess I found out though, on the night of the show...

So that's what really happened. The 13 minute segment seen on Fox was actually a two day process of filming. There was no sighting, there were no noises like a growl, there was nothing that was actually significant to our Devil Hunt skills or research. Sorry to disappoint. And they didn't even make a donation or anything...

Well, that's our story for Hunt #10. That's what really happened. Questions? Comments? E-mail us at Want to join us? Click here for the online application!

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