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Devil Hunters Television Appearances

Fox Family's "Scariest Places on Earth"
TLC's "Monster Hunters"
This show falsified the ending. No, I didn't see anything. No, the footprints weren't real. No, we didn't know they were going to do that to us. This one featured me, Shawn, and Mike, and first aired in October of 2000.
Monster Hunters was a small documentary miniseries revolving around strange creatures and the people searching for them. The first segment is all about us. It makes us look a little like wackos, but it's cool anyway. The show first aired in 2002. Check the video section of the site to see some clips from it!
The Travel Channel's "Weird Places"
Comcast CN8's "Family Talk"
This show featured me and Mike. We took the film crew out to the house foundation and had a little excitement while out there. It first aired November of 2001.
This was a live interview I did on Halloween of 2000. On the show with me was one of my favorite authors, Ray Miller (co-author of "The Jersey Devil" and "Phantom of the Pines").
Cable Access "History Hunters"
Cable Access "Hometown Tales"
We filmed with a local cable access show in December of 2003, giving them the tour of Leeds Point and discussing our experiences as Devil Hunters. The film crew was great! The show first aired in April of 2004.
Charley, Bel, Mary, and I did an interview and followed up with a hunt for this show capturing local folklore. It was filmed in October of 2004 and will air later this year!
Discovery Kids "Mystery Hunters"
History Channel's "MonsterQuest"
In September of 2008, the Devil Hunters took Mystery Hunter Christina to the house foundation where the Jersey Devil supposedly was born. We'll have an airdate in the upcoming months!
During the months of August - October 2008, we filmed with the crew from MonsterQuest. The focus of the show is a full scale investigation of the sighting that took place in 2004 in Egg Harbor, NJ. The show is tentatively set to air some time in February as part of Season 3 of MonsterQuest. We'll post an airdate once we know more!

Other Devil Hunters Appearances

"Haunted Hikes" by Andrea Lankford
"Encounters" by Matt Hoyle
Andrea Lankford interviewed me back in 2004 for her book, which is a collection of scary tales from the trails of North America. The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon!
We did a photo session in 2006 with multi-award winning Rolling Stone and Esquire photographer Matt Hoyle for his book, Encounters. He quoted my story and used a creepy photograph of Bel! The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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