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Jersey Devil in the News

From time to time, the Jersey Devil continues to be a topic of local news. Here are some reprints of Jersey Devil related articles for your enjoyment.
In the Wilds of New Jersey, a Legend Inspires a Hunt
by Dan Barry, 09/07/08, New York Times
Jersey Devil Hunt During Phenomenal Week
by Phaedra Laird, 01/24/08, NBC 40 News
Have We Mistakened the Devil for a Bird?
by Matt O'Donnell, 10/29/06, 6ABC Action News
Jersey Devil Hunters Insist the Beast Exists
by Lauren Janis, 10/31/04, Burlington County Times
Jersey Devil Spotted at Moss Mill Road and Route 9
by Virginia McCabe, 10/28/04, Galloway News
Jersey Devil legend continues to fascinate in Pine Barrens
by Krista Larson, 11/29/03, Associated Press
Horror Movie Bedevils Fans of a Jersey Legend
by Monica Yant Kinney, 10/27/02, Philadelphia Inquirer
The Curious Hunt for Haunts of the Jersey Devil
by Wendy Ginsberg, 1/17/02, Philadelphia Inquirer
Speak of the Devil
by Carole Ann Lang, 11/29/99, Asbury Park Press
The Devil Went Down to Jersey
by Frank Lewis, 10/23/97, Philadelphia City Paper
'Devil' is Roaming Chester County
Author Unknown, 7/28/37, Evening Bulletin
"Jersey Devil" Killed Near Bacon's Neck?
Author Unknown, 12/14/25, Bridgeton Evening News

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