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The Devil Went Down to Jersey

Evening Bulletin July 28th, 1937

DOWNINGTOWN, JULY 28. - Chester county's green and verdant countryside was trying to shake itself back into a state of normalcy today after an all-night hunt for the 1937 version of the old Jersey Devil.

Armed with guns and clubs, and led by a pack of dogs whose barking in the moonlight almost reached blood-curdling heights at times, a hastily-formed posse of two dozen farmers skipped their sleep last night to scour the hills and fields for a bounding critter with huge eyes.

The strange monster was reported shortly after 9PM by Cydney Ladley, a paper mill employee, who lives near Milford Mills, just north of here. Rushing into town with bated breath, Ladley, his wife and Mrs. Chester Smith, a neighbor, told of seeing the creature on a back road near their home just as dusk was settling over the hills.

"It leaped across the road in front of my car," Ladley said. "It was about the size of a kangaroo, was covered with hair four inches long and it hopped like a kangaroo. And eyes! What eyes!"

"And how it jumped," chimed in Mrs. Ladley.

"Right in front of us, too," added Mrs. Smith.

The descriptions were enough. Within a half hour more than 20 neighboring fasrmers had taken their shotguns, unleashed their hounds and were abroad in the moonlight, resolved to track the prowler to its lair.


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