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Jersey Devil Sightings

Sightings before 1909 Phenomenal Week 1909 - 2000 Sightings
SIGHTINGS COLOR KEY: Red = New Jersey | Orange = Out of State
2001 A boy reports strange noises and footprints in Flemington in February. Click here for his report!
  A group of dog walkers witnesses a large creature fly out of the woods in Carneys Point in the spring.
  A girl hears scraping at her window and is laughed at by the police on April 16th in Burlington. Click here for her story!
  A driver reports seeing something land in front of his car in Newport on April 19th. Click here for his story!
  Another driver sees something in Woodbury on May 13th. Click here for his report!
  A woman in Estell Manor witnesses a strange creature land on a barn in her yard in July.
  Two men in a car witness a larged winged creature flying overhead on July 21st outside of Atlantic City.
  A hunter in Woodbury hears something making strange noises outside his tent on August 3rd.
2002 Sometime this year, a car full of witnesses sees a creature hopping alongside an isolated road in Absecon.
  On April 20th, a driver is circled by a strange flying creature at night in New Brunswick.
  Two drivers watch a strange creature hop across the road in Sewell in May. Click here to read what one of the witnesses saw!
  Sometime this year, campers in the Pine Barrens see something with a long tail, horse-like face, and horns in the middle of a road in the woods.
  A boy sees a large creature and hears a horrible scream in Jackson in October.
  A hunter witnesses terrified deer running and sees a strange shadow on October 31st in Collier Mills Wildlife Area. Click here to read his tale!
  A family witnesses a strange creature in a tree in Pinehurst on November 2nd. Click here to read their details!
  A family heard terrifying screeches throughout the night on December 12th in Tuckerton. Click here for the son's report!
2003 Loud, high pitched screams were reported in Runnemede on January 11th. Motion detector lights in the area seemed to mysteriously turn on throughout the nights as well.
  Also in January, strange tracks are seen throughout Marlton after an overnight snowfall. The tracks were shaped like little hooves. In some cases, the tracks approached windows, as if the creature had tried to peer inside.
  Again in January, a family in Browns Mills woke up and found their yard covered with hoof like prints. The trail seemed to climb up into the bed of their truck and then stopped completely.
  Screeches are heard and the Jersey Devil is seen in Wanaque on March 8th. Click here to read the witness's report!
  On March 16th, kids in Egg Harbor City heard rustling and witnessed a creature run off in the distance while playing manhunt. Click here to hear the story from one of the witnesses!
  Campers in Lacey report hearing an eerie howling and seeing a strange figure in Lacey on March 26th. Click here to read the story from one of the campers!
  Dogs begin to go crazy and loud noises are heard throughout a neighborhood on April 18th in Bayonne. Click here to read the sighting of one resident!
  Piercing screams are heard in Mountainside on May 1st, and residents report a strange creature in the area.
  A teenager reports hearing weird screeches and rapid movements in the woods in Morris County during the spring. Click here to hear about his sighting!
  On June 4th, two campers witness a strange creature at Paradise Lakes Campground in Batsto.
  Workers in a factory witness something fly and land on a nearby building in Swedesboro in July. Click here to hear one worker's recount!
  Also in July, a girl hears screeching noises and watches a creature fly overhead in Manahawkin.
  Again in July, a canoer on the Bass River watches a deer-like creature with two legs and wings take a drink on the other side of the river bed. Click here to read about what he saw!
  A couple reports seeing a strange winged shadow fly overhead in Brick on September 5th.
  On September 18th, a truck full of witnesses feels something hit their truck, and then watches a creature run past them.
  In October, a boy scout troop hears high pitched screams in the distance while on a campground in the Pine Barrens.
  On October 31st, a man was chased out of the woods by a creature in Leeds Point.
2004 On February 18th, a family in Egg Harbor Township has a strange encounter with a creature that leaves their roof scattered with prints and the police baffled. Click here to read this incredible sighting!
  On March 19th, several teenagers hear the sounds of something flying and land behind a strip mall in Sparta. Several screeches and hisses were heard.
  On June 17th, a boy sees a strange creature flying in a weird fashion in Franklinville.
  During this summer, a girl saw a huge dark creature with wings and horns in the woods of Browns Mills.
  On August 12th, two campers witness a strange small creature rummaging through their backpacks in the Pine Barrens.
  On August 21st, a group sees a tall, dark creature on a trail in Batsto. The creature followed them from a distance until they left the park.
  On August 31st, a man hears strange, loud screeches in Vernon.
  On September 1st, kids playing in South Plainfield hear a strange screeching noise that seems to follow them as they leave the woods.
  On October 1st, screeches and unexplained footprints were reported in Pemberton.
  On October 23rd, a family traveling through Wharton State Forest witnesses a huge creature fly overhead and land near a stream. Click here to read their account! Later that night, campers in Paramus witness something in the woods. Click here to read their story!
  On October 26th, a woman witnesses a creature fly down and land in a CVS parking lot in Smithville, NJ. Click here to read the newspaper article about her sighting!
  On October 29th, a group sees a strange creature in Leeds Point. Click here for the story from one of the witnesses!
  On November 3rd, two boys are chased by a strange creature in the Pine Barrens. Click here for their chilling tale!
  On December 12th, a group discovered strange footprints and heard screeches in the distance in Smithville. Also that same day, loud screeches were heard in Freehold in the morning.
2005 On January 20th, a man watched a strange creature flying in Dallas, Georgia.
  Strange footprints are found the morning after a snowfall in Wallington on February 25th. Click here to read the report and see photographs of the prints!
  On March 5th, a couple is chased out of the woods in Leeds Point by a strange birdlike creature.
  On April 27th, a woman and her husband in Mullica Hill have difficulty sleeping when they are kept awake by strange screeches in their backyard.
  On June 25th, a man watched a large bird like creature fly by in Wayne.
  In August, a man watched a creature fly across the road in Jackson. Click here to read his account!
  On August 6th, two campers reported hearing a series of high pitched, unidentifiable screams in the night in Hope.
  On August 10th, a man encounters a strange humanoid figure standing in the middle of the road hunched over a deer carcass in Bass River State Forest. Click here to read his description of the figure!
  On August 27th, campers in Bodine Field, Wharton State Forest hear strange bio-mechanical screams in the middle of the night. Also on August 27th, two travelers encounter a creature that jumped out of the woods and screamed at them while trying to fix a flat tire in the Pine Barrens.
  In September, a photographer in Pomona was chased out of the woods by a humanlike figure with a horse face & bat wings. The creature screamed and eventually ended the chase.
  Also in September, a camper witnesses a strange creature approaching her campsite in Bass River State Forest. Click here to read her chilling tale!
  On October 20th, a party in Spotswood witnessed two red eyes walk towards the woods - then the creature jumped on the fence, made a noise, and flew off into the night.
  On November 5th, a woman witnessed a strange creature standing in the woods in Medford Lakes.
  On November 17th, two campers find a creature rummaging through their campsite at night. They fired a shot at the creature and chased it through the woods - the creature eventually climbed into a tree and took flight.
  On November 21st, two girls see a strange creature with glowing eyes eating something in the woods in Hopewell.
  In December, a woman reports that she has been hearing horrific screams in the woods in Randolph. These screams have been ongoing since 2004.
2006 On January 3rd, two campers report strange, unidentifiable high pitched shrieks in Wharton State Forest.
  On January 21st, two girls see an odd creature with wings and glowing red eyes in the woods in Vernon.
  In March, a driver witnesses a strange hunched creature with a dog-like face and kangaroo-like body cross the White Horse Pike in Hammonton.
  On July 2nd, a woman sees a tall creature with a long neck standing in the shadows at the edge of the road near the Oyster Creek Inn at Leeds Point.
  On July 11th, four people in a backyard in Manalapan see something with large black wings in a tree.
  On August 27th, a man watches a creature fly alongside his car for about a mile in Manchester Township.
  On September 5th, a man hears scraping on his roof and watches a creature fly away in Hamburg. Click here for his story!
  On September 14th, a driver witnesses a strange creature fly out of the nearby trees in Port Republic. Click here for the driver's account!
  On October 28th, a camper watches a creature on the side of the road in Marmora, NJ. At first, it looked as if it were a kid in a costume, until the creature jumped across route 9 and ran into the woods.
  On November 4th, two people see a strange creature in a tree in Rockaway while on a walk with their dogs. The dogs howled and pulled them away from the creature quickly. Later, they found scratches in the tree and hoofprints in the dirt where the creature had been seen.
  On December 17th, a man observed a birdlike creature flying away after splashing in the water in Pennsville.
  At some point during this year, a girl sees two strange creatures, one approximately 2 1/2 feet tall, the other 6 feet tall, while walking one night in Voorhees.
2007 In January, a man watched a strange creature fly out of the woods in Mays Landing.
  A strange creature was witnessed flying into the woods, also in Mays Landing, in February.
  Several campers in the Burlington area heard strange noises and something large flew out of a tree on April 20th.
  On May 12th, campers heard screams and hooves in Califon, and eventually encountered a strange creature. Click here to read their account of the story!
  On May 20th, a man watched a creature with a horse head and bat-like wings walk in front of them in Wharton State Forest.
  A woman reported hearing high pitched screams in Leeds Point on May 30th.
  On August 15th, a man is dragged by his dog to a tree that holds a strange creature in Stockholm.
  On August 28th, a driver watches a strange creature cross Route 542 in Hammonton. Click here to read his description!
  On October 21st, a man in Galloway sees a large creature fly out of the trees and continue to shriek as it flew away.
  On October 27th, a hunter in Colliers Mills was chased out of the woods by a creature with a blood curdling scream.
  On October 29th, a couple witnessed a large shadowy birdlike creature flying overhead on route 206 in Shamong. The creature dove towards their car and flew off.
  On November 15th, a man watched a skinny, tall creature with wings and hooves fall from a tree in his backyard in Browns Mills.
  On December 2nd, a weird creature with a horse-like face and bat wings was witnessed sitting on a post in a backyard in Collingswood.
  On December 8th, a hunter watched a strange winged creature move erratically through a field in Lawrenceville.
2008 On January 12th, campers in the Pine Barrens investigated an eerie scream and caught a glimpse of a strange humanoid creature in the woods.
  On January 21st, a man heard a screech and saw a strange creature perched on top of his chicken coop in Eldora. The large winged creature flew off once the man's cell phone rang.
  On February 25th, a student at Monsignor Donovan High School in Toms River sees a strange winged creature perched on top of a building at dusk.
  On March 16th, a woman sees a very large creature with red-orange eyes flying out of the woods while driving on the Garden State Parkway near mile 19 in Seaville. Also this same day, a woman sees a grey creature with thin hind legs in the shadows of her backyard in Philadelphia, PA.
  On April 1st, a driver sees a large creature on the side of the road in the Pine Barrens while driving home that night. The creature flew off as he drove by.
  On April 13th, a woman sees a huge horse-like creature with large bat-like wings fly through the sky in Jackson.
  On April 22nd, a woman watches a 6 foot tall dark creature hopping along side of the road in Great Meadows.
  On April 30th, a man hears shrieks and sees a strange creature in Toms River. Click here to read his story!
  On May 31st, a man witnesses a strange creature perched in a tree in his backyard in Wanaque.
  On June 12th, a man wakes to strange noises and sees an outline of an odd creature with horns outside of his window in Sea Isle City.
  On August 21st, a hiker watched a strange creature that resembled an upright horse with wings walking through the marshes in Belleplain State Forest.
  On September 4th, a driver sees something strange flying through the night in Woodstown.
  On October 1st, a strange creature startles a student and his dog in the woods in Jackson. Click here to read what happened!
2009 A hiker hears a strange scream in the air above and witnesses a large flying creature in Mays Landing on January 15th.
  Two canoers see a strange horse-like creature perched on a rock on the Mullica River on January 21st.
  A car full of friends encounters a strange bat-like creature hanging from a tree in West Milford on February 7th.
  A man is chased by a creature in his backyard in the Pine Barrens on February 23rd. The next day, strange footprints were found on his rooftop with 4 foot spans between each print.
  Strange screeches were heard and a singular hoofprint found in Mayetta on March 18th.
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