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Hunt #16 - November 30th, 2002

The water sample
Leeds Point, NJ
Laura K. Leuter, Mike Auciello, Kevin Hart, Heather Norcross, Charley Lolio

After last week's hunt, we were all itching to get back out there in the woods again. So we packed up our things and took off again. Tonight's mission was to retrieve a water sample for further testing. We are very curious about the swamp in the vicinity of the house, since there are strange plants growing nearby that we learned do not usually grow around certain types of water. So we were going to grab a small sample and then submit it to our "connections" and have them test it for us.

Me, Mike, Kevin, Heather, and Charley went back to the house foundation. This was Heather and Charley's first evening out there, so we had to show them the area. AGAIN, we made sure that Kevin's battery was full. It was working 100% fine before we went on the hunt. Yet again, once we tried to film at the house foundation, the battery went dead. We didn't even attempt the polaroid. The radios were fine.

After that strange experience, we started to head back to the swamp so we could complete our goal, obtaining the water sample. We rigged up a device that would allow us to safely collect water from the swamp without risking our lives and possibly falling into the water. Within seconds we had a full sample.

We walked a little further down the trail to show everyone some of the sights we had seen last week. We wanted to bring them back to where the Radio Flyer had been, and where we had located the water outlet. (If you're lost, read Hunt #15.) However, as we approached the area, we discovered that the Radio Flyer was no longer there. There wasn't even a trace of it being dragged off. We scanned through the woods to see if it had fallen or been moved, but we found nothing. Yet again, let's not jump to conclusions here... It is very possible that someone else had stolen or moved the Radio Flyer. This area that we were at is a little closer to some residential areas. We were just really surprised.

After a little while, we began to hear a lot of noise in the area. There were the creakings of trees, the rustling of leaves, and other such woods noises. At one point, we heard a small noise that sounded like a small whistle - starting low in pitch, and rising upwards. We don't know what made that noise, but whatever it was couldn't have been very big and was probably just another woodland creature.

We returned to the cars safely, and decided to show Heather and Charley one of the cemetaries we had discovered on previous hunts. While we were out there, we also noticed the same strange dark objects in the sky, but there was nothing conclusive again. As we were walking back to the cars this time, we heard a low growl in the woods off to our right. It was pretty loud, and probably fairly close. We headed back to the vehicles, and called it a night.

Again, the same thing happened with Kevin's video camera. Once he got back to his house, the battery was full.

Well, we still have the water sample in our possession, and we will be submitting it for some testing this week. If we find anything interesting, I'll let you know...

Well, that's our story for Hunt #16. Questions? Comments? E-mail us at Want to join us? Click here for the online application!

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